Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram or YouTube

Reach your clients right where they spend more than 3 hours of their time – every day.

You can reach more than several thousand people with but a few clicks via Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. A couple of years ago, this wasn’t possible and it therefore offers you unlimited possibilities today. You can advertise e.g. your products or services, bind your customers to your company or improve your image. This type of communication has the advantage that you are more quickly and easier accessible for your customers and can also convince new potential customers significantly more effective. And you know what’s great? It can all be measured to the smallest detail!

Today, it is impossible to avoid Facebook & co. The numbers show: 40 Million Germans are active on social media alone. 80% of the 30 to 49-year-old internet users spend time on Facebook, Twitter & co. regularly – and 96% of all under 30 year olds!

If you advertise your products or services in newspapers or magazines only, you will never be able to fully measure, whether your advertising efforts were successful. In this context, we always remember the Henry Ford quote: “Half my advertising is a waste – I just don’t know which half.” That does not, however, mean that print advertising is bad in itself. Rather, it is important to make use of a smart mix of marketing measures – both online and offline!

With Webkarma, you’ll be positioned ideally – especially, when it comes to social media marketing. We publish unique editorial contents for your company websites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and communicate with your customers directly.

How does the collaboration work?

Share your expectations for the future design of your company’s Facebook page with us. You can send us your own draft or describe to us what you want it to look like, e.g. on Facebook, in detail. Our social media team will help you develop the best social media strategy, customized for your company. As a first step, we will define goals, in order to choose the suitable social media. Next, we will determine the social media guidelines (usage rules) and will perform a SWOT–Analysis as to guarantee optimum handling strategically.


Maybe you’ve asked yourself the question, whether you should manage all of this yourself? Here are your advantages, if Webkarma supports you professionally:


âś“ Labour- and time-saving because our company takes on the work completely and comprehensibly

✓ Amazing pictures and videos, because of our team’s professional photographers and videographers

âś“ Design, development and implementation of wicked ideas and topics

âś“ Assurance of qualified, reputable and professional results

âś“ Intensive und methodic work planning via editorial schedules

âś“ Tactical advantages through continuous monitoring (competitive intelligence, trend scouting, etc.)

âś“ Professional activity analysis

✓ Experience by supporting more than 30 company sites (strategic & operative)


But that isn’t all: During further steps, we will create a profile suitable for your company on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and design these consistent with your corporate identity. Through regular monitoring, we will report about successful ad campaigns, customer’s opinions, trends and visitor numbers.



As a social media agency in Bielefeld, Webkarma receives direct support from Facebook. This support includes both the conception and optimization marketing activities of Facebook-fan pages, as well as the planning of campaigns. With over 1 Billion users, Facebook is the most used and largest social network worldwide.
fanpagekarma_logoWe love social media marketing. In order to usefully measure the success of social media activities, the globally known social media analytics tool Fanpage Karma is, amongst others, part of our standard repertoire. The company, based in Berlin, was founded by two online marketing experts in 2009.



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