Our vision: We want to become the No. 1 social media agency in Germany.


Webkarma was founded in Bielefeld and now we work with many companies from all over Germany.

Social Media Marketing

Maybe you’ve asked yourself questions such as: “How do I draw my customer’s attention to my offers on Facebook?” or: “How can I convince my customers with great content?” We can show you how you can make your company and offers the center of attention on Facebook. WOW effects are guaranteed.

Digital Discoverability

The deal is simple: You have really amazing products or services everyone should know or buy. Or you’re looking for great employees and don’t want to post expensive newspaper ads? Focus on your core business, lean back and relax. Webkarma will ensure your company’s rocket launch-like start in the WWW!


The best strategy is no good, if there is no implementation. That’s why we combine these two factors: We begin by developing an individual strategy for your business, analyze and inspect your company, roll up our sleeves and get started. When we’re done, you won’t want to let go of us. We promise 😉!

We are Webkarma

As a team, we wow numerous companies in Bielefeld and throughout Germany on a daily basis.

Melisande Falk

“Today, we grow up in a world where Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or YouTube are a firmly established part of our daily lives. We like, snap or tweet. This opens unbelievable opportunities for companies from all fields (e.g. traditional crafts, retail, catering) to advertise even more effectively.”

Ferris Umland

“In the present day, you should master your digital playing field in order to guarantee your company’s future sustainability. A good and well thought out online marketing strategy will help you with that. How? Let’s talk about how you can amaze your customers online over a cup of coffee. It’s worth it!”

Evgeny Borisov

Good content and clear positioning can put out all the stops for your company – online. We prove on a daily basis, in gastronomy, industry and in retail, that this works very well. We are happy to show you some great best practices during a conversation in our office in Bielefeld. Get in touch with us!”









A small extract of what we have realized so far…

What can Webkarma do for me? Read for yourself!